Holiday in Bulgaria

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Some reasons why to Choose Bulgaria for your Holiday?
Bulgaria offers nice weather. Temperatures in the Summer go up to 35 degrees. You can still enjoy a nice breeze on the coast of the Black Sea. Maybe the best part of the summer temperatures in Bulgaria, is that it stays quite warm during the night too. This means that you can enjoy some nice walks, going to outdoor clubs and going for a swim during the late evening and even during the night.
Historic holiday in Bulgaria – The country is very old and with an interesting history.
You might want to visit some of the many historic sights in Bulgaria and especially on the coast. We highly recommend you visiting the city of Nesebar as a part of your travells. In case you are coming with your children, or friends you might want to take a look at what the biggest Aquapark in Bulgaria has to offer.

Prices in Bulgarian resorts and in the country as a whole are not very high in comparison to other European countries. Finding affordable lodging which meets some pretty good standards is no problem at all. You can be sure to have your money well spent, when deciding to spend your holiday in Bulgaria. We at the Beach Guesthouse Aquaray will be happy to help you have a great time in Bulgaria and are always there for you if you need any additional information to plan a nice holiday.

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