The Aerodium, Sunny Beach

Beach Guesthouse

The Aerodium is one of the newest attractions in Sunny Beach. It is the perfect place to spend some thrilling time, especially for those who are into high-adrenaline experiences. The device is the first and one of its kinds in Bulgaria. It resembles a big fan that generates a vertical wind tunnel where you can experience body-flight and skydiving in an open air environment.


Vertical wind tunnels enable human beings to fly in air without planes or parachutes, through the force of wind being generated vertically . They are often referred to as indoor skydiving or body-flight. Body-flight is accomplished via increasing/decreasing the drag of your body, using arms and legs as rudders for body-flight motion control.


The Aerodium is situated on the main road Burgas- Varna, next to the Karting,  so you have the opportunity to visit both attractions. The device is open every day from 4 pm to 12 am for the period June-September 2010.


The Aerodium in Sunny Beach

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